Master Teleportation Pentagram

The room around you seems to disolve into a cloud of dispersing smoke. As the smoke clears you see that you are now in the center of a enormous room. Surrounding you is a large pentagram cut deeply into the smooth marble floor and from these cuts a hellish light seems to glow.

The walls of the room are in shadow while the center of the pentagram seems to have abundant light. Wraith like figures seem to flow in the shadows keeping just out of reach of the pentagram and the light. You feel that the pentagram is more to keep them out than to keep you in.

Before you is a control panel with a verbose description of the same runic buttons you saw earlier. However a warning message is also enscribed onto the panel.

Master Castle Teleportor Pentagram
DANGER Do not leave Pentagram DANGER

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Created: 8 May 1995
Updated: 7 August 2017
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>