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Academic Papers

* ''Twenty-two primes in arithmetic progression''.
by Paul A. Pritchard, Andrew Moran and Anthony Thyssen,
Mathematics of Computation, vol. 64, no. 211,
July 1995, pp.1337--1339.

Anthony's Icon Library (referenced by)

* ''Life After Connection'' by Stephen O'Brien <>, TO BE published by Prentice Hall Australia Pty Limited.
* the source of WWW icon featured in Windows Magazine, July 1995, page 230, for a article titled, ''World-Class Web Site (step-by-step)''.
* Laura Lemay's book ''Teach Yourself More Web Publishing with HTML In A Week'', page 99.
* ''Teach Yourself HTML in 14 Days'' on page 587 as part of Clip Art on the Web (not that icons are clipart!).
* The book ''Surfs Up -- Internet Australian Style'' by Katherine Phelps, on page 25, chapter 4.

Anthony's Castle (referred to by)

* Somewhere in the ''Internet Yellow Pages'' !!!
* In issue of the German magazine ''PC professional''.

Dated: 23 January 1996
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>