Kenneth Sams (RIP)

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Recently I was surprised by a email from the Author of the book ``Flying Toys'' which detailed the design and construction of the Modern UFO (or UFO Sam) Kite. Not only is Ken now on the internet, but he is also in the process of publishing a new book on UFO kites.

The new book (see right) has been published, and I urge people interested to visit their local book shop and look for it. Ask at the counter.

The book is huge compared to the original "Flying Toys", and details not only the modern "UFO Sam" kite, but also lots of other ideas and historical news clippings about rotor kites.

[book cover]
A manufactured version of the original UFO Sam can be purchased and posted to you from..

Holographic UFO-SAM Kite
Cochrane's of Oxford
Leafield, Witney, OX8 5NY.


Kenneth Sams flies with the UFOs

It saddens me deeply to tell you that Kenneth left this physical existence, on Friday 31 January 2003, aged 80. Both his loving sons were with him at the time, less than a day after he lapsed into unconsciousness after a stroke. It was a peaceful and untroubled departure, releasing him from three weeks of discomfort following congestive heart failure. He was out flying his UFO at the beginning of this year. His wife Margaret and beautiful sister Marian Albert were with him through the final days.

Ken was a great man and a wonderful father to Craig and me - himself always pushing the envelope and changing track and tack with ease. He shunned the beaten track and the herd AND rose to the top in his profession and to the skies in the UFO years. This trait manifested in his sons as they ploughed new fields rather than seeking to exploit existing ones.

Ken, you are forever in our hearts and minds.

Gregory Sams
Email'd curtsy of his son Craig Sams, Feburary 4, 2003


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Updated: 9 Feburary 2003
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