Circoflex Cover

The photo above is of a covered 12 meter circoflex (permenant spar). The circoflex is folded into three, producing a 1.2 meter wide `donut' for transport. The cover then keeps all the bridle lines and folded under control, stopping the kite it from springing out unexpectedally and having bridle lines catch onto everything.

The cover was made by creating a strip of fabric (an old bed sheet in this case) 40 cm by 4.1 meters (10 cm longer than 12 meter circoflex folded in 3 (4 meters + 10 cm), which was then sewn end to end to form a ring.

10 snap links were then added to each side of the ring of fabric so that it will close into a donut shape. The edges between the snaps where then shortened by adding `tucks' so that the center of the fabric strip is longer than the sides.

To cover the circoflex I pull the cover around the outside of it after it was folded into 3. The shortened edges of the covering ring of fabric helps to hold the cover in place while the bridel lines are collected and the snaps on either side of the fabric are snaped together.

Jerry Houk <jehouk@ix.netcom.com> also made a cover for his Appliqued Red Circoflex. This is what he did...

I also made a carring case for mine, it is two circular pieces of material joined togeather with a 1 1/2" wide strip of the same material half way around. The other half has a zipper in it. Zip it open, insert folded circoflex, and zip it shut.

Created: 15 May 1997
Updated: 21 October 1999
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <Anthony.Thyssen@gmail.com>