Anthony's Kite Workshop

Welcome to Anthony's Kite Workshop where I work on numerous kite projects and designs. Particularly the unusual and strange kite designs like Rotor (UFO), Circoflexi, and Tetrahedrals kite designs.

This is sort of a secondary homepage. My primary homepage is Anthony's Castle which is a web page adventure into other things of interest (please visit). If you are interested you can have a look at...

Anthony's own Kite Creations

I am a active member, Kites Queensland, and the various local clubs before that: Redcliffe Kite Flyers, and the Queensland Kite Flyers. I have also been a long running kite club magazine editor.

Looking around the Kite Workshop at the various plans tacked on walls and strewn all over the benches, you find lots of kite plans and other information. Some have been stamped in various ways...
Simple kite plans for beginners, no special materials or knowledge
Advanced kite plans for people with sewing skills
Extra special expecially for beginners or classrooms.

These locally provided plans seem to be good starting point...
El-Cheapo Diamond Kite Plan
A4 Paper Fold "Dove" Kite
A4 Paper "Sun" Kite (flies well)
Panflute Revisited update to a plan by Buck Childers
Simplest Kite Plan by Gary Engvall. It is probably a little too simple!

On a high shelf over looking the whole workshop you see what looks like a Koala wearing a fur lined leather jacket, helmet and goggles. Underneath looks like some sort of story, photos and plans, and parachutes for ''Parafauna'' and ''Messengers''.
Tuffy's Parachuting Adventure
Hemisphere Parachute Design
Anthony's Lifting Messenger
Mintie Messenger (Old) (Dropping minties from the sky!)
Messengers, Ferries, & Lollie Drop Hints and Tips

While at the end of the bench is a section on ring like kites called '' Circoflex Kites''...
Circoflex Kite Information
Mini-Circoflex Plan
Original Circoflex Plan (in english)

One whole section of the workbench seems to be devoted to strange pyramid like kites known as ''Tetrahedral Kites''...

Tetrahedral Kite Information
Tetrahedral Kite Plan (General Plan)
Straw Tetrahedral Kite Plan
Variations of Tetrahedral Kites

Hanging in one corner next to the door to the castle corridor, strange looking oval kites spin lightly in the breeze coming through the doorway. You believe these are ''UFO Kites'' or ''Rotor Kites''...

UFO and Rotor Kite Information
Classic Meattray Rotor Kite Plan
Rolloplane - Balsa Rotor Kite Plan

Hanging on the wall next to the covered sewing machine, is a large coat rack covered in long ''tubular tails''...

Twisty Tube Tail Plan courtesy of Mark Neuhaus
Double Twisty Tube Plan developed by Thomas Dorf Nielsen
Queue Melon English verion of plan by Josselin Millecamps

In another dusty corner is a less used area, which seems to involve ''Bubble Generators''...

Bubble Generators for Kites (plans, problems and solutions)

Many other miscellaneous notes can also be seen strewn around the benches, which may be of interest of you.

General Kite Hints and Tips (construction, materials, stakes, kite height, etc...)
What is a Kite? (News Group Discussion)
Real Kiters? (News Group Discussion)
Kite Flying Games and Competitions (Both Stunt and Static Lines)
Kite Stories (real life, humour)
Numerous cartoons
Miscellaneous Kite Stuff?
How I added lights to my Genki
A LED Flashing Unit (Kite Night Light by Dave Franklin)

In the middle of the bench between two work areas, an electronic terminal, displays the following kiting links, which Anthony must find interesting...

Anthony's Kite Link Farm -- my kite bookmarks (from my browser)
Kite Plans Base (archive of kite plans, including my own!)

Other places to visit

Kitelife EZine Kiteflying Fool

Created: 25 October 1995
Updated: 16 March 2009
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>