Tower Floor -- World Wide Web

The stone floor of this tower room is covered by what appears to be a maze of blue lines, joined a small round dots, all over the place. Even more amazingly as you look at the floor you see bright yellow flashed of light zipping along these lines and accross the floor from one wall to another.

On the far wall of the room a triple set of green W's has been painted onto the wall.

A single rack of scrolls with the words ''World Wide Web'' titled across the top is the only other object in the room.

Icon  Name                        Description
[TXT] Chrome.txt Google Chrome WWW Client Hints and Tips [TXT] Firefox.txt Firefox WWW Client Hints and Tips [TXT] IE.txt Internet Exporter Hints and Tips [TXT] Mosaic.txt Mosaic WWW Client Hints and Tips [TXT] Netscape.txt Netscape WWW Client Hints and Tips [TXT] apache_auth_basic.txt [TXT] apache_auth_external.txt [TXT] apache_rewrite.txt [IMG] apache_rewrite_backrefs.jpg [TXT] apache_ssi.txt [TXT] apache_vhost_examples.txt [TXT] apache_vhosts.txt [TXT] cgi.txt Common Gateway Interface Hints (CGI) [TXT] cgi_whynot.txt Why CGI scripts are dangerous [TXT] client.txt *** General WWW Client Methods *** [TXT] color.txt Good Colors Choices (I use) [TXT] css.txt [TXT] data_conversions.txt [TXT] dir_listings.txt Generating Directory Listing Indexes [TXT] error_codes.txt Error Codes from web servers [TXT] frame.txt Using Web Frames on a web page [TXT] frame_example.txt Frame Docs from a single source file [TXT] homepage.txt Things about other users home pages [TXT] html.txt Handling HTML format pages [TXT] A fake server tail script!!! [TXT] javascript.txt [TXT] javascript_snippets.txt [TXT] lynx_quickref.txt [TXT] passwd_protect_101.txt *** Password Access *** [TXT] php.txt PHP Hints, Specifically Error reporting [TXT] proxy_servers.txt [TXT] server.txt HTTP Server Hints and Tips [TXT] ssl_csr_template.conf A Cert Request template (CSR) [TXT] Regex sequence to uppercase HTTP tags
A spiral staircase leading both up and down is to one side of the room. The upward stairs has a sign reading Postscript in a flowing script. The downward spiral is marked by what looks to be a scroll tacked to the stone wall, Mail, Sendmail & Exim.

Just to the left of the staircase is another of the white marble circle.

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Created: 13 January 1995
Updated: 8 August 2002
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>