Tower Floor -- VI Editor

This room looks like it has been in the middle of a legendary ''flame war''. The wooden stacks are blackened and burnt in places, and a number are still smoking. A number of racks have been replaced with metal racks and even a few of these have a melted look about them.

You have the distinct impression that some visitors do not agree with the use of the VI program, which these scrolls contain information on and would ''flame'' anyone who disagrees with their view.

The light in the room comes from torches which are locked behind specially constructed, thick glass cases, and the scrolls themselves do not look to be written on flammable paper. Exactly what they are written on you are not altogether sure, but it looks like some sort of flexible stone.

The burned and melted racks have metallic signs reading...

[   ] General VI hints and tips
[   ] Hints and tips for Macro Mappings
[   ] Vim Hints and tips

[   ] Vi Command & Function Reference
[   ] Vi Quick Reference
[   ] Example macros for the vi .exrc file
[   ] Using the tags in vi as macros
[   ] Ex Editor Reference (what is under Vi)

The spirl stone stairs are signed to lead up to Mail, Sendmail & Exim and down to C Programming.

To the left of the stairs a scorched marble circle is set in the floor, with strange burnt writing engraved into it.

You can go..
[lift] [up] [down]

Created: 13 January 1995
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>