Tower Floor -- How to Guides

This floor is very very small compared to the floor below. And as the spiral staircase ends here it must be the topmost floor of the tower. The sign on the stairs declares that the floor below is Miscellaneous.

On the other side of the small room past a single row of scroll racks is a wooden ladder leading up to a trapdoor in the ceiling, obviously to the tower roof.

Behind you is another marble circle.

Judging from the titles on the scrolls, you think this floor is general usage and howto manuals for various commands. They seem to be more verbose and detailed than other "hints and tips" that you previously have found in this tower.

Icon  Name                         Description
[TXT] Home_Cleanup.txt Home Cleanup Proceedure [TXT] Unix_Dirs.txt UNIX Directories -- How they work [TXT] Unix_Groups.txt UNIX Groups -- hints and tips [TXT] archives.txt Compressed TAR Archives - hints & tips [TXT] fedora_LVM_snap_update.txt Upgrading Fedora using LVM snapshots [TXT] fedora_on_new_partition.txt Install Fedora on a different root [TXT] mesg_quotes.txt Summery of my random quote system [TXT] modem_howto.html Getting the most out of a tty modem [TXT] movie_premise.txt [TXT] netiquette.html Netiquette for Email and News [TXT] printing_files.txt Methods file printing under UNIX (OLD) [TXT] rsync_backup.txt Using Rsync to make backups [TXT] rsync_trans_scheme.txt RSync files bidirectionally between two systems [TXT] samba_n_cifs.txt [TXT] ssh_howto.txt How to use OpenSSH (Secure Shell) *** [TXT] term_modem_multiplexier.html Term Modem Multiplexor (OLD)
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Created: 13 January 1995
Updated: 2 Feburary 2000
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>