Tower Floor -- Postscript

The biggest thing of note in this room is that the stone stairs seem to be half replaced by fancy iron work forming various letters of the alphabet as it spirals up through a hole in ceiling. The up part of the iron work stairs is marked with silver wire intricately forming a sign reading Graphics. The down stairs is marked by a plaque containing set of three green W's overlapping each other with the words World Wide Web underneath.

A very familiar white marble circle is on the floor just to one side of the tombstone near the wall.

On the far side of the room a balcony looks out over the forest of ''The Great Web'' but from this all that can be seen is the tightly interwoven trees spreading out to the horizon.

A single rack of scrolls titled ''Postscript'' is the only other object in the spartan room. On the rack only few scrolls can be seen...

Icon  Name                    Description
[TXT] page_counting.txt Postscript Page Counting [TXT] paper_sizes.txt Standard Paper Dimensions [TXT] postscript.txt Postscript hints and tips [TXT] printer_quota.txt Implimenting PS Printer Quotas
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Created: 13 January 1995
Updated: 8 August 2002
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>