Tower Floor -- Perl Scripts

If the last floor was dank, this floor is flooded. Yes enough water has collected on the floor of the room in puddles that you could almost swim in it. The torch on the far wall provides the most feeblest of light.

The spiral staircase ends here though judging by the broken nature of the floor the another set of downward stairs may have been planned. The upward stairs has a sign which through the patch of mold can be read as Shell Scr??...

It is impossible to find the marble circle that should be here, under all the dirty water that has accumulated on the floor.

The titles on the scroll racks are difficult to read, but you make them out to be...

Icon  Name                       Description
[   ] Patch to Perl 5.6.1 Find::File [   ] Patch to Perl 5.8.0 Find::File [TXT] Find_File_notes.txt Find::File Module Notes [TXT] Test case of Find::File dir reversal [TXT] cpan.txt Perl CPAN Module Creation/Installation [TXT] dir_traversal_notes.txt General notes on directory traversal [TXT] exceptions.txt Exception Handling -- Bomb proofing [TXT] file.txt File handling Hints and Tips ** [TXT] general.txt General Perl Hint and Tips *** [TXT] lock.txt File Locking Hints and Tips [TXT] modules.txt Perl 5 Module Hints [TXT] network.txt Perl Network Hints and Tips [TXT] obsucated_perl.txt [TXT] perl_tk.txt Perl Tk Hints [   ] [TXT] [TXT] www_hints.txt WWW CGI Script Hints and Tips
Not having any choice you can...
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Created: 13 January 1995
Updated: 21 August 2002
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>