Magic of Computers

Picking up the note left on the coffee table. you read...

Every age has its Magicians. When magic and superstition ruled, they were the shamans and holy men. As time progressed they became the alchemists, sooth-sayers, druids, etc. But slowly as technology and science progressed, superstition and magic got phased out and scientists took over the role of the magician and sooth-sayer.

Today however, as computers slowly and steadily take over daily life, we as Computer Scientists have inherited the role of the Magician. We speak arcane languages, perform strange rituals and with written text alone, we can change the face of computing and technology. We are in a unique position of power and responsibility, we must live up to the expectations of the power and dignity given to the magician of old.

Think about it.

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Created: 9 April 1997
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>