Tower Floor -- Miscellaneous

Other than the usual circle of white marble and a iron spiral staircase leading up to How to Guides and down to Data Formats. The room is covered in loose scrolls thrown helter skelter throught the room as if someone just didn't care to sort them out properly.

The scrolls are in no order and not even one scroll rack is present. However next to the stairs you find a inventory list showing what scrolls are in the room (with a bit of searching that is), tacked haphazardly to the wall.

Icon  Name                     Description
[TXT] GO_rules.txt GO Rules (what rules?) [TXT] arduino.txt [TXT] audio.txt Audio file handling [TXT] cdrom_dvd.txt CD/DVD creation and burning [TXT] desktop.txt Desktop Application files [TXT] fire_safes.txt Fire Proof Safes and Computer Equipment [TXT] funny_commands.txt [TXT] google.txt Do Interesting Things with Google [TXT] linux_game_list.txt [TXT] locale.txt Locale and foreign Language Support [TXT] microphone_switching.txt [TXT] mime.txt Mime files and Desktop Execution [TXT] monitors.txt [TXT] names.txt Computer Naming Group Schemes [TXT] nokia_3110c.txt [TXT] olde_english.txt Ye Olde English Rules (from yorkshire) [TXT] packed_executables.txt UNIX 'packed' executables (Trial) [TXT] paps_intro.txt PAPs - Prime Arithmetic Progressions [TXT] paps_known.txt PAPs - List of known progressions [TXT] prefixes.txt Prefixes of Measurement [TXT] rar_cracking.txt [TXT] regex.txt [TXT] remote_file_coping.txt Coping files between machines [TXT] signature.txt Setting your NEWS / MAIL Signature [TXT] spelling.txt Words I commonly miss-spell! [TXT] term_codes_vt102.txt VT102 terminal escape codes [TXT] terminal_injection.txt [TXT] terminfo.txt Hints of TERMINFO and TERMCAP setups [TXT] tgz_vs_zip.txt Gzip'ed Tar vs Zip Archives [TXT] trash.txt [TXT] usb_drive.txt USB flash drives under Linix [TXT] video.txt Video file handling [TXT] video_streaming.txt [TXT] webcam.txt [TXT] word_diff.txt Word Differences [TXT] www_history.txt WWW history and notes
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Created: 13 January 1995
Updated: 8 August 2002
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>