Tower Floor -- Mail & Sendmail

This room is dark and musty. A single sputtering smoky torch dimly lights the room. The floor of the room is covered with thick layer of dust which looks like it is very rarely disturbed.

Judging by the titles of the dusty scrolls on the racks in the room, it looks like you have found a depository of esoteric sendmail lore. A subject in which only the strong of heart would dare venture and obviously Sir Anthony is one of those, who would do so.

The titles on the numerous scroll racks are :-

[   ] General User Mail Handling
[   ] Mail Handling Programs List
[   ] Mail Attachment Handling
[   ] Workstation/Laptop Mail Sync

[   ] MH Hints and Tips
[   ] ExMH GUI Client Hints and Tips
[   ] Procmail Hints and Tips
[   ] GMail Filter Handling
[   ] GMail via Stunnel
[   ] Office 365 Search Patterns

[   ] Techniques for Sending Mail
[   ] Mail for mail sending tests

[   ] EXIM Hints and Tips
[   ] Testing POP and IMap Ports

[   ] Sendmail Hints and Tips
[   ] Sendmail Tutorial Summary
[   ] Sendmail Debugging Codes
[   ] Sendmail Rules
[   ] Fixing the SunOS Sendmail
[   ] Sendmail MC/CF file changes
A spiral staircase leading both up and down is to one side of the room. The upward stairs has a sign reading WWW with the letters overlapping each other. The down spiral is also signed by a engraved stone tombstone, ''Here lies the VI Editor Burned to Death, No More Flames Please'' .

Just to the left of the staircase is another of the white marble circle.

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Created: 13 January 1995
Updated: 25 April 1995
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>