Tower of Computation, Magic Lift

You are standing in the middle of a large white circle of marble. The rest of the room around you is fuzzy and indistinct, as if your actual location is undecided. At the base of the circle in smallish gold lettering is the inscription ''Magic Lift Company, Inc.''.

All around the edge of the circle are numerous studs with text inscriptions. It looks as if you are meant to step on one of the studs with your foot to decide which floor you wish to to transported to.

Two studs in particular seems to be highlighted specifically.

Magic Lift Company, Inc.
@ ''How To'' Guides and Tower Roof
* Miscellaneous
* Data Formats
* Ascii Art
* Graphical Algorithms
* Postscript
* World Wide Web
* Mail, Sendmail & Exim
* Using the VI editor
* C Programming
* The X Window System
* Encryption (Passwords and Data)
* Co-Processing and Expect Scripts
* Specific Applications
* Documents and Stories
@ Tower Entrance and Reading Room
* Shell Scripts
* Perl Hints

Dated: 13 Jan 1995
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>