Tower Floor -- Graphical Algorithms

This floor of the tower is very noticeably smaller than the floors below.

The stonework of the floors and walls of the room is covered in some sort of paper like material. Drawn all over this material are Numerous diagrams and colorful images. For example: here you can see a line which no matter how close you look does not seem to have a straight line or even a gentle curve in it. And over there are outlines of a various soccer ball like objects.

A wrought iron staircase spirals out of the floor of the room and continues up through the ceiling. On the up side of the spiral a loose sheet of computer paper has been tacked with the words Ascii Art typed in large letters. While on the wall on the other side of the staircase is the word Postscript with the starting letter `P' surrounded by thin construction lines and circles, showing how the letter was designed and drawn.

On the floor to the left of the staircase the `paper' like material has been ripped and torn up to reveal a large white marble circle set in the original stone floor. You think that the dwarven workers may have gone a little overboard in the papering of this room.

A few scroll racks are scattered haphazardly throught the room in no apparant order. On the racks the following scroll sets can be found....

Icon  Name                             Description
[TXT] algorithms.txt Simple Graphic Algorithms [TXT] bezier.curves Bezier Curve Notes [TXT] bresenham.procs Bresenham Algorithms [TXT] fig_format_notes.txt Xfig file format Notes [TXT] font_handling.txt Handling Fonts, such as TrueType [TXT] graph_drawing Drawing Graph Networks [TXT] image_comparing.txt Image Comparision and Sorting Ideas [TXT] imagemagick.txt ImageMagick Hints and Tips [TXT] imagemagick_CLI_Programming.txt [TXT] imagemagick_Core_Programming.txt [TXT] imagemagick_perl.txt ImageMagick via Perl [TXT] mandel.txt Drawing Mandelbrot Fractals [TXT] mathematica.txt Mathematica Hints and Tips [TXT] matrix_vector.txt Vector and Matrix Notes [TXT] mesh_programs.txt [TXT] pbmplus_summary.txt [TXT] remote_control.txt Remote Control of Image Display [TXT] sixel.txt Sixel Terminal Graphics [TXT] voxel_editors.txt [TXT] xv.txt XV Hints and Tips [TXT] xv_mods.txt Modifications to XV !!!
Two scrolls seem partially transparent, as if they are not really here but elsewhere...
[TXT] C/fixpoint.txt My notes on Fixed Point Integers
[TXT] C/fixpoint_macros.c Fixed Point C Macro functions

On one wall in particularly bold writing is an equation. You are not quite sure of its significance, but is obviously important some how.

/ _  _ | _| _ _            __                  ______  __
\__)(_)|(_|(-| )   ___    / /  _     _        /  ____| \ \     __  ___
    __            |___|  | |  / |  _| |_  __ / /| __|   | |   / / |_  )
   |__)_ |_. _    |___|  | |  | | |_   _| \ V / |__ \   | |  / /   / /
   | \(_||_|(_)           \_\ |_|   |_|    \_/  |___/  /_/  /_/   /___|

                    =     1.6180339887498948482045868343656381177203
    ( v5 -1 )/2     =      .6180339887498948482045868343656381177203
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Created: 13 January 1995
Updated: 9 August 2002
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>