Tower Floor -- Documents and Stories

The room you are in has a light a cheerful character about it. The classical laughing and crying face masks adorn a number of racks with scrolls in them. Between the racks, a couple of heavily used reading chairs look inviting, against the walls.

A stone spiral staircase leading both up and down is to one side of the room. The stairs upward having a sign reading Specific Applications. On the other side the down stairs is signed in a flowing script Tower Entrance and Main Reading Room. Just to the left of the staircase is another of the white marble circle while tacked to the wall near the stairs is the following...


In the middle of the room a special scroll rack is encased with glass. The case does not appear locked but well cared for. There are a couple of scrolls contained within, one looks to be very old and worn, while the others are new and unblemished. The titles of the scrolls are..

System Wars -- Star wars on a PDP11 (a classic)
The Next Generation -- Star Trek inflicts Microsoft on the Borg
Lord of the OS -- Dark Lord, Gates, Lord of the OS
Sam Dinn -- Bogart as a Free lance Programmer
2000.9999998: A Chip Odysey
who(1)'s on what(1)? -- Abbott and Costello works with UNIX
The titles on the other racks around the room are :-
  • ABC's of Unix Commands
  • Phone Call Jokes used by Bart Simpson
  • Cartoon Law
  • Christmas Stories (for fun)
  • Hellos and Goodbyes
  • God and Genesis on a Computer Forum
  • Reject a Job Rejection
  • Our Keyboard Prayer
  • Network SuperHighway in real life!
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Captains Picard verses Kirk
  • Plan Genesis
  • Political Correctness Glossary
  • Laws of Programming
  • Riddles
  • Road Runner Cartoon Rules
  • GirlFriend Bug Report
  • System Programming Fees
  • Special High Intensity Training
  • The woes of UNIX editors
  • The Unix Widary Song
  • Becoming a Unix Wizard
  • Humourous Warranty
  • Smileys for Breasts (Humor)
  • Condom UNIX Manual
  • The Sex UNIX Manual

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    Created: 13 January 1995
    Updated: 27 Feburary 1999
    Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>