Tower Floor -- Data Formats

The room is very barren and plain looking, with simple shelves of plain looking scroll and a small study desk which looks dusty and unused for some time. Even the circle of white marble is just a simple circle without any other markings, and the stairs are just raw stone without rails or other special features.

Even scrolls looked dusty and plain looking, marked only with very short cryptic sets of letters, such as TXT, CSV, JSON, and XML; that probably mean very little to the un-initiated.

Icon  Name                    Description
[TXT] binary_encoding.txt Method of Binary to ASCII Encoding [TXT] csv.txt CSV plain text tables [TXT] data_conversion.txt Conversions for Numbers/Binary [TXT] data_delimiting.txt Complex data delimiting (quote handling) [TXT] data_file_general.txt What Data File formats need *** [TXT] djvu.txt [TXT] flirt.txt First Letter Indicates Row Type [TXT] json.txt JSON structured text files [TXT] key-value.txt Simple Key-Value pair data formats [TXT] markdown.txt [TXT] [TXT] multiline_records.txt [TXT] protocol_buffer.txt [TXT] roman_numerials.txt [TXT] sgml.txt SGML (and HTML) data format [TXT] templating.txt Templating program/data files [TXT] unicode.txt Unicode and UTF text [TXT] unicode_fonts.txt [TXT] urlencoding.txt [TXT] utf8-demo-box.txt [TXT] utf8-demo.txt UTF-8 Characters Demo [TXT] utf8-demo.txt.bak UTF-8 Characters Demo [TXT] uuencode.txt UUencoded files [TXT] xml.txt XML (extention of SGML) data format [TXT] yaml.txt YAML data format
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Created: 30 August 2011
Updated: 30 August 2011
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>