Tower Floor -- Encryption

This floor has a very new feel to it, but everywhere you look you see patches of seeming random patterns. It is almost as if very heavy and intense computational magic has been performed so as to warp and hide the stored information.

Looking at a large sign on the wall, you first see what looks to be impossible mid-bending runes that make no sense at all. However as you stare the runes warp and dissolve into legability.

   Using encryption on the Internet is the equivalent of arranging an
   armored car to deliver credit-card information from someone living in a
   cardboard box to someone living on a park bench.       -- Gene Spafford

   The equivelent of an armored car should always be used to protect any
   secret kept in a cardboard box.                    -- Anthony Thyssen
                        On the use of Encryption for Password Protection

The marble circle is in its usual location, and the stairs are clearly signed, X windows upward, and Co-Processing downward.

The titles on individual scroll stored here are :-

Icon  Name                     Description
[TXT] Quotes.txt General Quotes on Encryption [TXT] brute_force.txt [TXT] cyphers.txt Meaning of the Cypher names [TXT] encfs.txt EncFS Directory Encryption Notes [TXT] encfs_anywhere.txt JavaScript EncFS [TXT] fernet_encryption.txt Fernet Encrytion Format, (small data) [TXT] file_encrypt.txt Encrypting Individual Files [TXT] file_hiding.txt Hiding Data in other Files [TXT] general.txt *** General Information on Cryptography *** [TXT] hashing.txt Hashing, for Password & CheckSums [TXT] home_encryption.txt Notes on encrypting home directories [TXT] jungledisk.txt JungleDisk Service Encryption Notes [TXT] key_derivation.txt Key Derivation, passwd 2 crypto key [TXT] key_storage.txt Key Storage - indirect password vault [TXT] keyring_gnome.txt Gnome KeyRing, Linux [TXT] keyring_linux_kernal.txt Linux Kernal Keyring [TXT] linux_crypoloop.txt Linux Crypto-Loop Disk Encryption (old) [TXT] linux_crypttab.txt Linux Crypttab/Tang/Clevis Encrytion [TXT] linux_dmcrypt.txt Linux DM-Crypt/Crytpsetup Encrytion [TXT] open_id.txt OpenID Web Access [TXT] openssl.txt Using OpenSSL Command (and library) [TXT] passwd_askpass_stars.txt Developing a password helper (stars) [TXT] passwd_caching.txt Storing passwords for short times [TXT] passwd_generation.txt Ways of generating a good password [TXT] passwd_hashing.txt Hashing, for Password & CheckSums [TXT] passwd_input.txt Safe input of password from users [TXT] passwd_obfuscation.txt Password hiding in programs [TXT] perl_encrypt.txt Encrypting Files using Perl and OpenSSL [TXT] pinentry.txt Pinentry Password Helper [TXT] public_keys_gpg.txt Public Keys Encryption - GPG [TXT] public_keys_openssl.txt Public Keys Encryption- OpenSSL [TXT] python_crypt.txt Encrypting Files using Python [TXT] slapd.txt Linux Slapd password hashing [TXT] truecrypt.txt TrueCrypt Disk Encryption Notes [TXT] vim_encryption.txt VIM file Encryption *** [TXT] yubikey.txt YubiKey Usage Notes
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Created: 13 April 2010
Updated: 13 April 2010
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>