Tower Floor -- Co-Processing

This floor has a very new feel to it, but everywhere you look you see patches of seeming random patterns. It is almost as if very heavy and intense computational magic has been performed so as to warp and hide the stored information.

The Small shelf has a sign plainly labeled "Co-Processing" and the scroll like objects seems to warp from from form to another. Almost like they are trying to pretend to be something different, or wrapping tnemselves something larger inside. It is all very weird. The marble circle is in its usual location, and the stairs are clearly signed, Encryption upward, and Specific Applications downward.

The titles on individual scroll stored here are :-

Icon  Name                          Description
[TXT] coprocess_shell.txt Shell Co-Processing Example [TXT] coshell.README README file for coshell() function [TXT] coshell.bash.txt coshell() for Bash Co-Processing [TXT] expect_hints.txt Hints and Tips on using Expect [TXT] general_hints.txt *** Co-Process / Interactive Programming *** [TXT] shell_example.txt Very old co-processing in shell example [TXT] Expect implementation in Shell (sh) [TXT] Perl Access to the select() system call [TXT] Example 'shell_select' application [TXT] Trying out 'shell_select' with 'bc' [TXT]
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Created: 30 March 2016
Updated: 30 March 2016
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>