Tower Floor -- Specific Applications

This floor seems to be quite new. The walls and floor are of unworn dressed stone, but with a jagged edge of old worn stone around the walls just below the ceiling level. It sort of looks like the tower tower was literally, snapped into two, a floor added, and then joined back together. heavy magic indeed.

The marble circle is shiny and clean in its usual location, which the stairs are clearly signed with shiny new signs, Co-Processing upward, and Documents and Stories downward.

The room contains numerous small alcoves, grouped into sections, each seemingly involved with a specific command magic.

The titles on individual scroll alcoves are :-

Icon  Name                     Description
[TXT] ansible_code.txt [TXT] ansible_inventory.txt [TXT] ansible_running.txt [TXT] apt-get_deb.txt Apt/Deb - Debian Package Management [TXT] archie.txt Archie Database hints [TXT] awk.txt Awk - Column Text Data Processing [TXT] bc.txt Bc - Basic Calculator (infix) [TXT] binvox.txt BinVox - 3D objects to Voxels [TXT] clonezilla_options.txt Clonezilla Options Document [TXT] clonezilla_restore.txt Clonezilla restore without Clonezilla [TXT] crontab.txt Crontab - using cron in various ways [TXT] cvs.txt CVS - Version Control System [TXT] date.txt Date - Date & Time processing> [TXT] dc.txt Dc - Stack Calculator (rev-polish) [TXT] diff.txt Diff - File changes tty and graphical [TXT] docker.txt Docker - Using Docker [TXT] docker_api.txt [TXT] dockerfile.txt [TXT] dtrace_cheatsheet.pdf [TXT] du.txt Du - Disk Usage, tty and graphical [TXT] expr.txt [TXT] find.txt [TXT] git-http-backend.txt [TXT] git-repository-basic.txt [TXT] git-repository.txt Git Repository - Setup Gitlab Server [TXT] git.txt Git - Network Version Control System [TXT] gitlab.txt Gitlab & Github - Web Interface> [TXT] gnuplot.txt Gnuplot - Graphing and Data Ploting [TXT] grep.txt Grep - Regular Expresion File searching [TXT] inetd_servers.txt Creating Simple Inetd Network Servers [TXT] iptables.txt [TXT] java.txt [TXT] less.txt [TXT] m4.txt M4 - Macro Processor, Hints and Tips [TXT] manpage.txt UNIX Man Page hints and tips [TXT] mongodb.txt [TXT] mpi_pbs.txt MPI/PBS Cluster Control [TXT] mysql.txt MySQL - Hints and Tips [TXT] nethack.txt NetHack - Uncommon Hints [TXT] network_manager.txt [TXT] parallel.txt [TXT] pine.txt Pine - Hints and Tips (from address) [TXT] postfix.txt [TXT] printf.txt Printf - In Scriping Languages [TXT] ps.txt [TXT] rdist.txt RDist - Hints and Tips [TXT] redis.txt [TXT] rpm_yum_dnf.txt Yum/Rpm - Redhat Package Management [TXT] rsh.txt Rsh - Hints and Tips [TXT] rsync.txt RSync - Hints and Tips [TXT] rsync_backup.txt [TXT] rsync_trans_scheme.txt RSync Home/Work Syncronization Scheme [TXT] samba_n_cifs.txt Samba / Window Share [TXT] sed.txt Sed - Streaming Text Editor [TXT] socat.txt socat - connect all devices [TXT] sort.txt [TXT] squid.txt [TXT] ssh.txt Ssh - Hints and Tips [TXT] ssh_principles.txt [TXT] ssh_putty.txt Ssh X11 forwarding using Putty [TXT] ssh_remote_commands.txt [TXT] ssh_terraterm.txt Ssh X11 forwarding using TerraTerm [TXT] ssh_winscp.txt [TXT] sshd.txt [TXT] su.txt [TXT] subversion.txt [TXT] sudo.txt [TXT] tmux.txt [TXT] tput.txt [TXT] unison.txt Unison Hints and Tips [TXT] wine.txt Wine - PC Emulator, Hints and Tips [TXT] xargs.txt [TXT] xdotool.txt
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Created: 7 September 2001
Updated: 13 April 2010
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>