Tower of Computational Sorcery

You enter a circular room, which looks like a comfortable reading room. A number of restful couch like chairs push up against the walls, with small coffee tables, and bright well flaming torches on the walls behind them. A note has been left on one of the coffee tables.

From the ceiling a sign hangs from a pair of black chains :-
Welcome to the Tower of Computational Sorcery.

Here is where I keep numerous hints, tips, and notes about the work I perform in the virtual dimension of electronic impulses. A very fast growing dimension indeed. I hope ye will find some information of use, as even I never quite know what I have squirreled away in this tower.

Sir Anthony.

In the middle of the room is a large bookstand with a leather bound tome on it. The huge book is titled in a flowing runic script Art Work. The size of the book however would require at least two people to lift and thus is unlikely to be able to be removed from the bookstand let alone the tower.

Behind you is a short passage leading into the rest of the castle and just to the left of the doorway is another pentagram with its runic buttons.

Before you is a spiral stone staircase leading both up and down. The upward stairs is pointed to by a large sign in a swirly script, Stories and Documents while the downward stairs reads cryptically Shell Scripts. The stairs look fairly difficult to nogotiate, and probably very tiring to climb too.

Just to the left of this is a strange looking circle of white marble with various symbols and inscriptions along its edge closest toward the wall. It looks like the most unusal thing in the room.

You can...
[note] [art] [lift] [up] [down] [penta] [exit]

Created: 31 March 1995
Updated: 23 October 1996
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>