Miscellanious Hobbies

You are in a small room with two doors and a bird cage. A sign hangin from the roof declares this to be Sir Anthony's "Miscellanous Hobbies" room.

Before you is a simple bird cage surrounded by branches, and a bird play gym. The bird itself however is not to be seen. There is however a book on a table next to the birdcage simply titled "Teaky Boy".

The door on the north wall leads to a workshop for water rockets, while looking in the door to the south, a huge number of balls build out of silvery disks (Cdrom Balls are handing from the ceiling.

On one wall is a simple wooden shelf, with various models made from small silvery balls. A sign on the shelf declares them the small spheres to be "Magnetic Balls".

You can ...
[Exit]Leave the room
[Bird]Look at the book about Teaky Boy
[Rockets]The Rockets Look like fun
[CDrom]Check out the Cdrom Balls Anthony has built
[CDrom]Look at the "Magnetic Ball" sculptures

Created: 26 March 2002
Updated: 30 July 2009
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <Anthony.Thyssen@gmail.com>