Graphics Lab

This room is full weird 3 dimensional models, cut out bits of cardboard, geometric drawings, and a highly graphical ''electronic scribe'' with what looks to be a line drawing of a a ball made from lots of triangles.

In one corner of the room is a very old fashioned drafting board with T-square and clear flat plastic objects of various basic shapes.

A sign is chained to the ceiling reads..

In this laboratory I perform various experiments in the realms of digital magick. Here I work with images, and 3D virtual spaces, as well as more traditional geometrical models to try and understand the graphical aspects of Computional Sorcery.

Please feel feel to wander around looking at the work currently in progress, all equipment is protected through the use of magical fields so you can not destroy anything.

Signed: Sir Anthony -- Graphical Tinker

Looking over the equipment you discover...

Graphic Experiments in progess or completed...
* Examples of ImageMagick -- Version 6
* Studies in Polyhedra (mathematical geometry)
* OpenGL generated 3D rotating UFO kite
* POVRay generated 3D rotating UFO kite (raytraced)
* OpenGL vs POVRay Comparision
* Creating a Gold Coin
* X Window Colour Tables

A door looks like it leads into the next room, is signed ''WWW Laboratory''
You can...
[exit]Leave the Laboratory
[WWWLab]Go through the door to WWW Laboratory

Created: 16 Feburary 2001
Updated: 24 March 2002
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>