Reading Lounge

You are in a pretty large rectangular room. Two windows are placed on the far wall with satin blue curtains.

Under each of the two windows stands a leather covered couch, looking a bit like those psychiatrists would use in their work. This one however, does NOT look like it would give the user hallucinations about his/her childhood. Between the windows and the couches stands a little table with an opened book.

Outside the windows you can see the thick forest of "The Great Web" across a grassy clearing. A well used road can be seen entering the forest in that direction.

The other walls of the room are covered with bookcases, literally filled with old books and scrolls.

Above the couch, between the windows are two pictures, involving a small dragon, cookies, and coffee...

[art] [art]

You can...
[bookcase]Examine the Books in the Bookcases around the room
[book]Look at the open book on the reading table
[exit]Leave the Room

Created: 12 December 1995
Modified: 30 July 1996
Author: Axel Holmgren, <>
Modified: Anthony Thyssen, <>