Castle Library

You are in 20 by 20 foot room which contains no windows. A single ball of light hovering near the ceiling dimly lights the room.

All around the walls of the room is glass door shelves filled to overflowing with books. Unfortunately for you the glass doors to the shelves appear to be locked, preventing you reaching the books. The book titles however are clearly visible.

The books seem to be sorted on the shelves by author and many gaps have been left on the shelves. In the gaps are small plaques containing the word WANTED in bold lettering and what is obviously a description of a book which Sir Anthony has yet to acquire.

In one corner a comfortable reading chair and lamp is present. In the opposite corner, a familiar looking control panel of runic buttons, above a pentagram burned into the floor looks interesting.

The middle of the room however is taken up by some sort of board game, involving black and white `stones'. The game is covered by a glass dome preventing you from disturbing the game. Next to the board a copy of the rules can be seen.

You can ...
[Game]Examine the Game in progress
[books]Look at the book titles on the Shelves
[Pulp]Look at the Pulp Fiction Section
[Break]Break the Glass to get a book (you vandal)
[pentagram]Stand on the pentagram
[exit]Leave the room

Created: 15 January 1996
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>