Kite Workshop

You find yourself in a large workshop, obviously used to build kites of all types. All around the walls are workbenches covered in various plans, spars, plastics, fabrics, and tools. In one corner is a sewing machine with a dust cover lying next to it. Looks like it gets a lot of use.

A thick and heavy door in the northern wall is standing open leading out of the castle into what looks like a large field of kites along a cliff top edge.

The room however feels like it is in a rainbow coloured soap bubble, with shimmering and distortons whereever you look. There is a ghostly overlay of a simular workshop, but looks like it is much much larger than the castle itself!

You can...
[Kite Workshop]Walk into the shimmer, into the larger Workshop.
[Kite Field]Leave the castle, to look at the field of kites.
[Exit]Leave the workshop into the castle corridor.
[pentagram]Stand on the pentagram teleporter in the rooms corner.

Created: 25 October 1995
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>