South-Western Corner

You are in the corner of two passages which lead east toward the large red carpeted passageway of the main entrance and north along the western side of the castle. The floor is tiled stone and the walls are rough un-polished stone.

A smaller passageway of graystone leads further toward the west before turning the corner southward. Looks like it may lead into the base of one of the castle towers.

Half way along the passage between the corner and the main junction is a open doorway on the southern wall. The room beyond is well lit, though not brilliantly as that of the tower, and inside you can see some guards sitting around.

You can...
[door]Look into the well lit Guard Room.
[Passage]Explore the smaller passage to the east.
or go...
[North]North, into the Western Side Passage.
[East]East, into back toward the main entrance.

Created: 31 March 1995
Updated: 15 July 1996
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>