South-Eastern Corner

You are in the corner of two passages which lead west toward the large red carpeted passageway of the main entrance and north along the eastern side of the castle. The floor is tiled stone and the walls are rough un-polished stone.

A short passageway in the very corner here leads north-east and is clearly marked as leading to the ``Tower of Computational Sorcery''. A quick peek from the door reveals a brightly lit room with comfortable lounge couches.

Half way between the corner and the main entrance along the southern wall a dark doorway can seen with a heavy wooden door partially closed. The sounds of heavy snoring can be heard coming from the room within.

You can..
[door]Look into the dark half open doorway.
[tower]Enter the ''Tower of Computational Sorcery''
or go...
[North]North, into the Eastern Side Passage.
[West]West, into the Main Entry Junction.

Dated: 27 March 1995
Updated: 17 March 1996
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>