Main Entry Junction

You are in the middle of a huge passage between a courtyard to the north and the castle entrance to the south. The floor is covered by a a thick red carpet and the stone walls have been polished until they shines. A large chandelier hangs from the ceiling filled with a huge array of glowing lights. The light however does not seem to be from candles, as is usually found in chandeliers of this type.

Two lesser passages lead further into the castle to the east and west and are very plain looking with a tiled stone floor and rough stone walls. A number of torches line the walls and a couple of doorways can be seen in the passages. Sounds of laugher can also be vaguely made out coming from the eastern passagway.

The courtyard to the north has a cobble-stone path leading across it to a fountain and another large passage into the castle on the other side.

On the western side a small iron bound door is slightly ajar revealing a tight and twisting staircase leading downward. A crooked and slightly burnt sign on the door announces that this passage leads to ``Ye Dungeons''.

You can go..
[North]North, into the courtyard.
[South]South, to the castle entry foyer.
[East]East, into a smaller side passage.
[West]West, into the other side passage.
[Dungeon]Down, to Ye Dungeons, Beware.

Dated: 27 May 1995
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>