North-Western Corner

You are in the corner of two passages which leads east toward the large passageway and south along the western side of the castle. The floor is tiled with slate and the walls are rough un-polished stone walls.

A short passageway in the very corner here leads north-west into an ornate room with some sort of brightly lit display unit. The display appears to contain lots of gold and jewellery.

South of this on the western wall of the southern passage, a door to what looks like a kitchen is standing wide open. Inside the aroma of cooking seems to draw you into that room.

Oppisite to the kitchen is a close cob-webbed wooden door. On the door a crooked sign reads, ``

Old Dining Room, Keep Out''

You can...
[Treasury]Have a gander at the display of gold and jewels.
[Kitchen]Check out the kitchen.
[Old Dining]Look into the old dining room.
Or you can go...
[South]South, into the Western Side Passage.
[East]East, into main Northern Corridor.

Dated: 15 April 1995
Updated: 1 August 1996
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>