Large Field, North of Castle

You are standing in a large grassy field, just north of a twin towered castle. All around you is a huge collection of colourful kites all different shapes and styles, flying in the wind.

The moderate wind, is coming over the top of a cliff to the north-west, overlooking a peaceful looking lake, below. To the west at the cliff edge a set of stairs can be seen decending the cliff face, downward.

Looking around you see that the kites are tethered to the ground in the middle of large rings of small mushrooms! The grass appears to be richer and a darker shade of green inside each of the rings. On closer inspection you find that while you can approach the mushroom ''fairy'' rings, you can't seem to enter the rings to reach the kite lines, much to your disappointment. Inside each ring is a small plaque describing the kite being flown from each fairy ring.

Behind you to the south you can see a castle with a iron bound back door standing open. While further north is the impenatrable ''Forest of the Great Web'', from the round the other side of the castle, presumably the front, you can see a road heading both east and west, into the surronding forest.

You can..
[Kite]Have a closer look at the kites.
[Castle]Enter the castle, via the back door.
Or go..
[South]South, circling to the castle's main entrence.
[West]West, toward the top of the stairs and cliff top.
[North-East]North-East, following a path along the cliff top.

Created: 19 October 1995
Updated: 26 July 2000
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>