Forest of the Great Web

You are on a wide gravelly road at the edge of the heavily tangled ''Forest of the Great Web''.

            |  Realm of Sir Anthony     |
            |     Caution Castle Ahead  |
                         | |
                  __,__\\| |//__+__
To the east you see a magnificent twin towered castle at the top of a cliff face slightly uphill from here. Just north of the castle a huge number of kites can be seen flying on the cliff top.

The forest edge continues to the north and south curving around you. The road here continues east, passing the castle only to re-enter the forest beyond.

A small trail heads north toward what must be a very scenic spot at the edge of the cliff top. While another small track wanders south, and then south-east toward a open field of mowed grass with strange devices in the middle, and a small village beyond.

You can..
[West]Follow the road deep into the Forest
[North]Go North toward the Cliff Top
[East]Go Eastward toward the Castle

Created: 18 July 1996
Modified: 4 January 1997
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>